Anyone wanna sell their Todd Lammle CCNA 5th ed. book??

bigga12bigga12 Posts: 26Member ■■□□□□□□□□
I need this book at a reasonable price anyone has an unmarked one for sale??


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    It would be nice if people could easily trade(recyle/reuse) books around, because quite often once you've passed the exam you don't use the book anymore.
  • the_return_of_the_Ringthe_return_of_the_Ring Posts: 119Member
    how about 10 bucks for a PDF format? tell me in personal message if u want.
  • eurotrasheurotrash Posts: 817Member that case the pdf book can be gotten for free. i found one after a minute of searching...
    witty comment
  • qsubqsub Posts: 303Member
    I'll have one availible in September.

    As for the poster above.


    It's not really that funny at all. If you're not going to contribute to the thread with something worth reading. Don't post.
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