Need help in choosing certification.

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I am having 3 years of IT experience in a mnc.I have worked in support and maintenance project till now.Now i need to to boost up my resume to seek opportunities outside.Currently i am preparing for itil foundation exam.I would like to continue for itil intermediate and go ahead with that.Am i going through the right way?


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    Hi claire/any senior members,

    can you please guide me?

    Sarath S
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    As long as you have some way to get the prerequisite courses, you can take ITIL as far as you feel like. That's probably the main reason many people only have foundations (can't get the higher ones without taking the courses).
    To be eligible for any of the Intermediate exams candidates need to complete mandatory accredited training.

    Before giving any advice (other than what you already expressed some interest in), I would want to know a few more details about the type of work you do today, as well as the type of work you desire to do more of in the future.
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    currently i am doing technical activities like server administration as well as interaction with customers..I would like to switch my position from my current assignment.Finally i would like to move to service management position.So i want to seek opportunity outside my company.So i just want to know if i go forward with itil certifications and my current experience (3yrs).Will that help?.My primary aim is to seek opportunities outside my company.I am ready to move to process role/incident manager/change manager etc.Please advise.
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    Anyone please help..
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    What specific technologies have you worked with? Microsoft, Cisco, VMware?

    Also, list out a short summary of what you have worked on under these technologies.


    Microsoft: Worked with Windows Server 2008/2012 and Windows 7
    Created users, reset passwords, Created the AD domain and configured the sites.

    We have really have no clue what your level of experience is, you need to list specific job functions that you have performed.
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    Having 3 years may not give you right amount of experience for process role/incident manager/change manager. If you have a M.S degree it may give you an outside shot at best.
    Giving more specific example may help us in guiding you.
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    I have mainly worked in java application support in linux environment,incident management,change management,problem management,event management primary aim is to move out of my current company and seek opportunities outside.I don't have any international certifications till now so i am planning to take some international certifications to boost my resume.Also i didn't work in any development projects till now.Please advise
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