NEW SMTP Send connector

Hey so I am using vmware lab at home (i'll need to eventually open up two ports (current rounter and vmware eventually)

I am trying to setup new smtp send connectors, I have bought a dns through godaddy to eventually test my exchange in a semi live environment

I am currently following this guide
Exchange 2010 configuration

I am a little confused on two parts

1. could i just configure my dns on godaddy side to point to my ip address and change where is says Points To to my domain

or 2. do i have to use the add smart host and type in which is what godaddy has as my smtp setting?

I am brand new to exchange and trying to learn as much as I can sorry for being a newb!


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    Congrats on trying to learn a new subject. The basic principles of email are simple but sometimes setup administration can be a difficult task for many factors. In your case I assume you are running consumer internet service at your house which presents many challenges. Your ISP probably blocks port 25. You will need to use a service like turbosmtp or some other smtp alternate port service. you will likely need redirection or alternate ports for http and https as well if you want to access your email outside of the office

    As for the ports you will need for exchange, you will need to open the alternate smtp service port for incoming mail and the alternate ports for http and https.

    Godaddy dns should have the mx record go to whatever smtp service your are using to bypass port 25 restrictions

    As for the smarthost your smtp redirect service might have one you could use or your ISP might let you use their smarthost
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