Getting on "Learning Rollercoaster"; Working hard is hard

binarysoulbinarysoul Member Posts: 993
There are two ways I can learn. One is to learn sporadically; the other is to focus all my energy and learn with intensity.

I'm no YouTube/Social network junkie, so I can focus. But I need one piece of feedback.

How do you handle getting mentally tired after a few hours of studying (aside from sinking into beer, coffee, energy drinks)? I find that working hard is hard.

What's the maximum hours of quality study you can do in a day?


  • Mrock4Mrock4 Banned Posts: 2,359 ■■■■■■■■□□
    When I'm tired of studying and I feel like I'm not making progress..I quit. I go do something else. If I hate studying it'll be harder to do it.

    Also, the way I have found to maximize my study time, is to enjoy it. If you're learning things you're truly interested in, or you realize benefits your career, it makes finding the motivation to put the time in much easier, and as a result, it becomes fun. Fun things are not as tiring as those that aren't!
  • kohr-ahkohr-ah Member Posts: 1,277
    I usually have a rule. If I am studying hard for something (I will use CCNP for this example) I do what I call one to one.

    1 Day Study for an Hour - After that hour find a stopping point in the chapter and do something relaxing. Gaming, Drawing, etc.

    Next Day - Lab for an Hour - Apply what I've learned. If I was almost done with the last chapter then read 30 minutes lab 30 minutes. Then go do something I want. Gaming, Drawing, Etc.

    So One day Lab one Day study and then I get to still have fun and let it sink in and it isn't straight tech material out of a book when I lab the next day. Then I know if it actually sunk in or not :)

    Before I know it I have gone though the entire book in about a month.
    At that point I look at labs to do and maybe a small review packet.
  • joehalford01joehalford01 Member Posts: 364
    I don't know the answer to this one yet. I'm thinking about building a standing desk so I don't sit all day at work and then sit more when I get home, it's very de-energizing. It does help when its something I want to learn but sometimes it's just plain boring lol.....
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