Resume Critique Please

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This is a rough draft of my new resume, I know it needs help.


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    Pretty good start. I would personally put the Technical Skills and Experience before the Work History.
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    I feel like its an odd section of the resume. I don't know where it should go, if it needs new formatting, or what. I feel like my work history is more of a grabber than just a list of technologies/hardware I've worked with. I could be way off track though.
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    Good one but here are some suggested improvements

    - Summary's too wordy. You could have left it at the first two sentences. The last sentence is fluff if you ask me. Leave it out so you have more real estate for the real part of the resume, the experience.

    - Use the margins better, there's too much white space on both sides. Decrease margins so you can pack more stuff in.

    - I find it odd how your accomplishments kind of stand out from the bullets underneath. It doesnt look right, almost as if the Sys Admin/Analyst part was a previous job.

    - Get rid of the 'I' in your resume. Just have - Designed this and that.

    - Move your cert(s) right up there, just after the Summary. You want to draw attention to the fact you have the VCP.

    - The Skills section is redundant in most cases. You have some decent experience, so instead of having a separate Skills section incorporate these 'Skills' into the actual experience. You'll save tons of space and it'll look better.

    - Condense into one page. You only have 3-4 years worth of experience, this could all nicely fit into one page. I dont have anything against 2 pages, but your could easily fit into one. It'll look better.

    Hope this helps!
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    Everything Essendon said. One page, no first-person, no skills section. You have enough experience you don't need to list skills; instead you need to show how you used them effectively at in your work experience.
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    Thanks guys, I really didn't know what to do with the skills section, I will update it with your suggestions.

    What do you think of the overall format? Some people have told me it's to plain, but I like the simplicity. Do you think hiring managers look for things like this or just ease of finding the info they need?
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    I like the format, it's plain and simple and showcases your experience. Core ingredients of a good resume. You dont want to hide the real bits people are looking for with tons of fluff. I looked at a resume the other day, 7 pages long with the first 4.5 pages dedicated to describing the person and their 'skills'. The actual experience was a half-page section. Delete, next.
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