just installed Debian, but getting no gui...

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I'm new to Linux and thought I should check it out..try to learn something, so I installed Debian into VirtualBox but all get is a cli, no gui launches. To be honest, I have no clue what to do here.


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    Since your already at the CLI, type: startx. You're current default runlevel is probably booting you directly into the CLI. If you want it to always boot into GUI, edit your id:3:initdefault: line in /etc/inittab to id:5:initdefault: Runlevel of 3 pushes you straight to CLI and 5 straight to GUI.
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    You probably forgot to install a gui when you installed Debian. Normally when you install a desktop environment like gnome, it should boot to run-level 5 by default. You'll need to install xorg and gnome to get a graphical environment and gdm for a login screen.
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    Guys he is a newbie are you trying to scare him off?

    Firstly what version of Debian are you using? Did you use a minimal or net install image? These install no GUI as default.

    Download the full image or alternatively

    No GUI after Debian Net Install

    Hope this makes things clear
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    ally_uk wrote: »
    Guys he is a newbie are you trying to scare him off?

    I was thinking the same thing! lol
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    The same exact thing happened with me. You can install the GUI easily:
    [COLOR=#000000][FONT=Verdana]#apt-get install gnome[/FONT][/COLOR]

    Or you can re-install and select the proper options
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    First of all, it might be possible that GNOME is already there, but by default the CLI is on. To switch to GNOME you can type : startx

    Otherwise you can install gnome manually also.
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    DoubleNNs wrote: »
    I was thinking the same thing! lol

    Good point. I would recommend something like linux+ to understand how linux works vs windows but if the goal is just to check linux out then I would try ubuntu or mint or something. They'll probably give you a better first experience with linux.
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    Grab the Linux essential book if you are just starting.
    i like how book written.
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