After pass the CISSP exam what is the next step ?

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After passing the CISSP what is the next step ? How i can proof my 5 Year experience ?

i done my BS in Computer Science major Telecom Engineer
2 Year experience as Network Administrator in private sector in middle east.
4 Year experience as Security Engineer in private sector in middle east .
Certified :

CCNA, CCNA Security , CCNP Security, Done the CCIE Security (Written) , A+ , Security + , CWNA , MCSA and MCSE (D&S)


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    Send them your CV and highlight the parts that relate to the domains. Your CISSP in good standing must endorse you on the form from ISC2.I put together a covering email with the domains I'd worked in and sent this with CV, endorsement and my MSc certificate in case they needed that too.Do you know a CISSP in good standing?
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    The after-exam information you received should have the steps you need to follow to become fully certified after passing the exam.

    The information about endorsement is at
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