How close am I?

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I recently graduated from a 2 year community college IT program, and am pursuing a few certs to hopefully demonstrate to employers some degree of proficiency and a go-getter attitude. So I purchased the Mike Meyers Net+ and A+ books, and took the practice exams with no prep or studying to get an idea of where I'm at and what to study. I'll just put them together in this thread to spare making two similar threads.

Net+ - 72% / 80% pass
A+ 801 - 75% / 85% pass
A+ 802 - 72% / 85% pass

Just wondering how others who were fairly close to passing on the practice exams fared, how much you studied, and if you passed the real exam. I can't say that I really want to read these books cover-to-cover and pretend like exam cramming = knowledge gained and retained, but I've already identified a few topics that I'm particularly weak in.


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    I was in the mid to upper 90% range on all of the Mike Myers books during practice. My real scores were low 900's on the real exams.
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    I think you are really close. I did the same thing before I started studying for the A+ exam. I did poorly on the practice test. I just had to brush up on the material, and got my A+ in a months time.
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