GPEN - How often is it updated??

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I took SEC560 at SANSFIRE 2012, so I have materials that are over a year old. I am now thinking about picking up my books and refreshing for the GPEN exam, but not sure if these materials are outdated for today's exam. Does anyone have insight on this? Thanks!


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    I'd guess that pentesting is one of those subject areas where revisions are more frequent than other infosec subjects. That said, my bet is that a year probably doesn't involve a ton of changes. However, the clock's ticking. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that the exam contents will shift more noticeably.

    If in doubt, I'd email Ed Skoudis.
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    As far as I learn from a GIAC Discussion Group last time, the content for all GIAC exam is not updated frequently with the exception of the following
    - OS Related
    - New Technology (like new IDS)
    - New Tools that required to be used because the OS is updated (Example: web scarab is no longer supported and replace by OWASPZap)

    Otherwise, the content is pretty the same, because the attacks, vulnerability, exploits, analysis, IT Security Management Methodology has mostly been applied, used and taught over the last ten years haven't changed at all.
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    Thanks docrice and LionelTeo for your input. I plan to challenge the exam sometime in December, so I won't waste much more time.
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    Skodo is renown for updating GPEN on a regular basis. Plan to see an update revolution about every 6-8 weeks if I remember correctly.

    - B Eads
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