What's the fastest you quit a job?

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My new (former) co-worker left after 2 nights of work. I knew he hated the shift by the comments he was making stating things like he's tired, sleepy ect. I was just curious about others stories on TE?


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    Well, if we're not counting IT related positions only....When I was in high school I took a job at TJ Maxx breaking down trucks. I trained for half a day, and realized that none of my coworkers spoke English. Left for lunch, never came back. So yup, quit after 4 hours.

    Then came in 2 weeks later to collect a 30 dollar paycheck from the halfday of training...lol
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    7 months was my shortest stint. I went to a government agency with a lot of post 9/11 money and they created all of these new positions (well paying) with undefined duties. So what was supposed to be an information assurance position ended up being a twiddle your thumbs position. So after 7 months of assorted document writing and copious amounts of internet surfing, I left. A couple of other people left for the same reason. An easy job is one thing, a nothing job is another. Why is the government in trouble fiscally? Waste is a big reason.
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    My most recent job actually. I stayed here for 8 months, it was my first networking job. I really liked it here but an opportunity came up that I just couldn't pass up.
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    9 months. I was hired with the intent to be in a 50% travel position. It ended up being more help desk with 2-3% travel.
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    I would have to say round lunch the first day. Came into work at 9 and did some orientation, didnt like the environment or the people.. left my badge on my desk at lunch and went home. I was however still employed at another place so I didnt care.. I was just on vacation, test driving another job.. gotta love the double pay!
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    When I was 16 I got a job as a groundskeeper for a local apartment complex. The guy that hired me took a day off on friday, my 5th day of work. That day the receptionist was in charge of me and when I had finished my normal duties, she didn't know what to do with me so she told me to go into the parking lot and sweep sand into bucket and throw it away. I managed 15 minutes of that....and then left and never came back. No real regrets....

    Hah @ MSP-IT^ I feel like I'm almost in a similar position, current job billed at 50%-75% travel and I have been offsite about 7 days total in the last 8 months. Thankfully, a perfect job for starting/finishing my MS so quite happy with it right now.
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    After high school, I was working as a customer service rep for Verizon taking phone calls. I worked 6PM-3AM. I absolutely hated that job. So 3 months later, on my birthday, I walked up to the security guard who was in charge of letting us in, I handed him my badge and told him that I was NEVER coming back. That was one of the happiest days of my life.
  • RouteMyPacketRouteMyPacket Member Posts: 1,104
    Landed a role surrounded by incompetents, the absolute worst pile of mountain lion crap I had ever seen. Held on for I think a month to attempt to show them the light. I shudder to think about it, it is NOT on my resume.
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    3 month contract as a data analyst. They wanted to extend the offer fulltime and declined. My co worker who I was working with daily was mean and talked about suicide everyday at lunch. I was literally getting sick working with him. He was clearly depressed but man everyday he would make comments if I don't come in call the cops I'll be in my car. I told my temporary boss about it and I was out the door. Man that sucked!
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    I was lucky enough to get another job after a month of working in a hospital. The hospital was nothing more then run around and put out fires cause the firewall wasn't setup properly. This hospital is spread out over 30 building in a 10 block ratios in Philly and we required to do a minimum of 20hrs a week OT, which wouldn't have been bad if the starting pay was better or at least paid parking. Also lasted about 2 months at a help desk left to go back on unemployment as I had to travel to DE and the cost of tolls and parking was killing my pay, unemployment was almost $100 more a week after the tolls and parking.
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    Back around 2003 after my first IT position was eliminated (thanks private equity!), I got a job where a friend of mine worked in a clothing distribution warehouse. Instead of actually doing packing or something interesting, they had me tape together boxes. That was my job. Taping boxes. I stood for like 4 hours straight taping boxes.

    I didn't return from lunch. I went into the office area where my friend was working and chatted for a bit, then left. I don't think I even got the check for the hours I worked.
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    I have left two separate companies on my one-year mark. That's the fastest I've ever left. I may leave this one sooner, my contract expires every third month because that's the longest they seem inclined to renew it for, and I'm growing irritable of wondering if I'll have a paycheck once every three months.

    The joys of contract work.
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    One month, 6 days and ~30 minutes. I had to wait for my boss's boss to get back from a trip (I wanted to walk out and was encouraged to do so by coworkers) to quit, which made the last 3 days tricky. It was like "well since you wont be here next week I dont really see why I should ask you to work on this project, here call these people and sit on hold till you go home".

    Since we are giving reasons, Ill just say this much; I dont want to be their the day the 10'oclock news trucks show up and they are thrown into one of those nightly "hall of shame" tv shows. Ethical, moral and legal issues are why I quit.
  • AkaricloudAkaricloud Member Posts: 938
    4 months as a Jr. Systems Administrator. It was originally a 3 month temp job that turned into them dragging their feet on a full time offer. Started looking around for something more advanced/solid and by the time they gave me a offer I already had a better one lined up. This was one of the best moves of my career!
  • QHaloQHalo Member Posts: 1,488
    6 months, completely different career.
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    Got you all beat :) Non-IT job, I applied at Target for overnight stock (had another job as well). Got hired and four hours before I was suppose to be there I realized I didn't need the money and didn't know why I went for the job. Drove over and let them know I wouldn't be taking the job. They were actually really happy that I came and told them as they said most people just didn't show.
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    3 days in retail.

    Took a seasonal job after leaving the military to make ends meet while I looked for a DoD contracting job. People were uneducated and unmotivated, not to mention that the customers were horrible. I spent almost all of my clocked in time going over the training modules on the company computer just to buy time off the floor.

    I got a call on the 3rd day, a Thursday, asking if I could start Monday. I said yes, clocked out, and went home.

    Luckily I filed for direct deposit and got a little check for my 24 or so hours.

    They didn't realize I wasn't making my scheduled days until about 10 days later and left me a voicemail asking what happened.

    They were paying me $6 an hour + 1% commission for all appliances sold.
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    the_Grinch wrote: »
    Got you all beat :) Non-IT job, I applied at Target for overnight stock (had another job as well). Got hired and four hours before I was suppose to be there I realized I didn't need the money and didn't know why I went for the job. Drove over and let them know I wouldn't be taking the job. They were actually really happy that I came and told them as they said most people just didn't show.

    haha... I took an overnight stock job at Target as well once, I did it for a month and quit before black friday started.

    my shortest stint was 4 days. I took a job at my dad's place at a warehouse for Safelite. I was told I'd be repairing chips on vehicle windshields and then they last minute, literally, stuck me in the warehouse moving and cleaning windshields instead. I hurt my back and after 2 days of being unable to move, they termed me. I was going to fight it because I got hurt on the job, but didn't want my dad to get into any trouble because of it so I let it go.
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    Security 4 months,

    The position I worked around 2004 was for a security company I can still remember called city-wide security, and that job started the injustices I would face working security for the next couple years ( this is before I got my first IT job). Well long story short I was put on this site in Norfolk where believe it or not according to the contract only security guards of a darker skinned color could work and after a while I dreaded the place for the building sucked, had a weird smell, some people were pontental gang-bangers, also I was getting sick of being called an uncle tom plus my relief was getting sick of being there to the point he didnt show up anymore to take over, soon afterward I quit that job and swore never to go back.
  • TheProfTheProf Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 331 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I had two short stints where one of them I lasted 8 months the other 9 months. My first job in IT, I lasted 5 years! Learned a lot, became a sys admin within 1 year. Went on to the second job, was promised that I'd be doing a lot of infra work for various customers, ended up being a sys admin job with log checking and patching servers for clients. The third job was interesting as it was a step up from what I originally wanted, took it, lasted 9 months because I got a call for another company, the current one. Great place, cool people, became the Exchange/Lync SME practically within a year. I was also the VMware/AD SME at the place before.
  • shodownshodown Member Posts: 2,271
    6 weeks at a NOC job. IT was suppose to be all this cisco and juniper ger(which it was, the 1st time I never looged into a CRS-1 device). All we did was watch circuts go down, pick up the phone and call whoever's circuit it was. I started looking the 1st week I was there. I knew I didn't fit in. It was guys who had been there 6 years and still couldn't move up. I got a Tier 2 NOC job and was out of there.
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    In the realm of IT, I only really ducked out of one job quickly and unprofessionally. I think I mentioned this job before on the forum but I don't think I got into much detail about how or why I quit. Probably because I don't make emotional spur-of-the-moment decisions like this in real life often and I was a little embarrassed that I did regardless of how it turned out.

    It was that MSP that I was interning at about a year and a half ago. I tried it for a few months while keeping my other full-time job and found it to be more support work than anything else after being promised more of an engineer role. At that point of my career, I thought it would have been a major step back to jump into a full-time support role and while I didn't mind doing the odd Onforce or Workmarket gig here and there, I didn't want to spend 40 hours a week fixing printers or random stuff like that. Especially since I hadn't worked a help desk job for a couple years prior to that. To add insult to injury, when the three month period ended, the owners of the company were rehashing on what they agreed to pay me earlier and let's just say they didn't even want to pay $60,000 to go FT.

    After the aggravating salary talks, I said I would think about it and walked over to my desk. The more and more I thought about it, the more I felt lied to about the position and salary and the more I felt like I wasted my time of a detour into a part of IT that I didn't even like much (systems, Citrix, etc). I ended up grabbing my books on my desk and walking out never to return. Within a week, I was accepting an offer from my current company to work as a consultant in something I loved to do (networking) with just over 6-figures.

    Fast forward a year and a half later, I'm a FTE network engineer at the company and I love it. It was the right decisions to leave but the only regret I have is that I wish I ended things a bit more professionally. Not necessarily because I think that company deserved it but I'm a little embarrassed by my own actions and felt like I could have been the better person in that scenario and at least just given them a couple days notice.
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  • networker050184networker050184 Mod Posts: 11,962 Mod
    I've had a couple short (3-6 months) stints. Left for personal reasons mostly and once for the job just not being what it was advertised as.
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  • tjh87tjh87 Member Posts: 66 ■■□□□□□□□□
    2 weeks. I took the job because I was new to the area, out of work, and the position was a 5k increase from my last position. One of the other positions I interviewed for called back almost 3 weeks after I interviewed. They were offering 20k more, better benefits, better technology, bigger role, and more time off. Put in a one week notice after being there for one week. I am not proud of the situation, by any means; however, the decision was easy when I began thinking of the career advancement opportunity and the benefit the pay would have on my family.
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  • FrostbiteFrostbite Member Posts: 29 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I worked busing tables for two days at a restaurant. The owner yelled at me for something that I wasn't trained to do (since training was non-existent) and never came back.

    The worst part was when I went to file my taxes, I had to file some weird tax form I'd never heard of because of a cut of the tips I never received.
  • darkerzdarkerz Member Posts: 431 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I worked at Nintendo as a CSR.

    2 weeks of training, day 1 of actual environment. We used AS400 and were told to push sales on technical support customers. 13 an hour, but 50-60 hours a week.

    Absolutely not. Left that day.
  • cknapp78cknapp78 Member Posts: 213 ■■■■□□□□□□
    My record is 5 minutes. Took a job at a solutions provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. Hired me after 4 long interviews. Only requirement was that I could no longer be a road warrior since my kids were young and my wife was sick. Was told no problem. We'll keep you travel down to a couple of days a month (no more than 5) and that I would start on Monday. Only catch was that my first gig would be up in Albany, NY for 2 days. Figured I could manage to do the 5 hour drive for a quick 2 day job.

    Packed my bags over the weekend, rented a car to expense to the company and left Monday at 7:30 AM. Called my boss at 7:35 to let him know I was on my way up and should be there around lunch time. He asked me "How many days of clothes have you packed?" I told him I had 3 days worth.

    He then proceeds to tell me to plan on staying for 6 weeks and he might be able to give me 2 days off before I had to head back for another 6 weeks.

    Hung up the phone, turned around, drove to Enterprise Car Rental, dropped the car off, came home and emailed my resignation letter. He then had the nerve to email me 6 times over the next 3 weeks asking me to reconsider. Idiot.
  • Success101Success101 Member Posts: 132
    First day. Damn recruiter completely lied about the job description. Also, to this day...I still have a negative view about recruiters...especially female ones. Just my two cents.
  • Hammer80Hammer80 Member Posts: 207 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Good for you cknapp78 ! I am sorry but that is crap, there is a big difference between 5% travel and 75-90% travel. They totally misrepresented the job. Also jobs that require extensive travel the salary is usually much higher due to you dealing with the inconvenience. They were hoping to save some money and were betting on you not having a spine to tell them no, its like what part of I have a wife and kids don't you understand and do you really believe that I will throw my family under the bus to work for you. I agree the guy was an idiot.
  • HypntickHypntick Member Posts: 1,451 ■■■■■■□□□□
    IT jobs, just a shade over a month. By the second day I discovered the recruiter and interviewers had misrepresented the company completely, started looking then. Non-IT, was 16 and had a job as a bag boy for a week. Was all good until they asked me to clean the restrooms, since that wasn't part of the job description I declined, I was told I had to do it or be let go. Walked out the door 5 minutes later.
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