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I have planned to give test next week but still I am unable to find the simulation pattern. Also I am really confused for the test. If anyone have any information about test, simulations and materials please share.
It will be grateful for me and also for others who want to give test in future.

Waiting from all of you people


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    You may need to postpone your exams until you have a bit more experience. The exams are geared toward candidates with about 500 hours experience. The exams will be straightforward, in that there are no 'tricks'.

    You may find out all the 'details' from the CompTIA website. I recommend you download a copy of the objectives so you have a better understanding of the type of material you need to be familiar with for your exams.

    The specifics you are asking for however, you will not get from our members lest they violate the NDA they signed at the time of their exams.

    Check out the Mike Meyers "All-in-one" A+ text to study. Best wishes.
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