Is LearnSmart final exam harder than the actual exam?

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I'm a bit concerned about how prepared I am for this exam. On the practice tests on Darril's book I got over 90%. Another book I got 88%. On the LearnSmart final exam I got a 76%. Anyone with experience with these practice tests and the actual exam have any insight on which practice tests are closer to the difficulty level of the actual exam?


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    One thing I like to stress to people preparing for the exam is that your scores aren't the best gauge of your readiness. Rather, your understanding of the concepts and your ability to know why the correct answers are correct and why the incorrect answers are incorrect are a much better predictor of success. This way, no matter how CompTIA words the questions, you'll be able to answer them correctly. With this in mind, reading and understanding the explanations is key.

    Also, many successful test takers talk about using this strategy and finding that it helps them eliminate incorrect answers especially when they come across questions that seem overly vague or confusing.

    Hope this helps.
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    Passed the exam today! 879 Darril, there is no way I could have done it without your book. Thank you, sincerely.

    Also, when I compare the actual exam to the LearnSmart practice test..... they are not even close. LearnSmart's questions focused on the wrong concepts and were so particular in it's terminology that I'd say it in no way tells you if you are ready for the real exam. If you use one tool to learn the concepts use Darril's book.
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