How to use core books in the capability stream?

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Hello all,

I am planning to undergo the ITIL intermediate path to reach the ITIL Expert status.
More specifically, i am planning to take the capability stream.
I know there is a mandatory course of 30 hours before sitting for the exam but i was wondering about publications on the capability stream.
I know the information can be found in the core publication but my questions are:

How to use the core books to study for the capability stream?
Are online courses enough and contain all the information?
What other official publications exist containing study material about the capability stream?
Is there any recommended online course that is not so expensive?



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    Hi Wassim

    We've already exchanged a few messages privately and I'm an online training provider myself, so I won't presume to recommend any particular online training company icon_smile.gif

    However, this information might be useful for everyone so I'll share it here:

    The capability courses mostly cover 2 of the ITIL core volumes - for example RCV covers Service Operation and Service Transition. If you've got access to the core volumes, the syllabus documents will direct you to the chapters you need to read. There aren't any specific books for the capability courses - they still draw on material from the 5 ITIL core volumes.

    Online courses are enough for your studies - as long as they are accredited, so make sure you check the training providers status. If you take unaccredited training at intermediate level, you won't be allowed to take the exam.

    There are some handbooks for the capability stream available via Amazon etc, but if you have training and the core volumes you shouldn't need any extra material.

    Online training varies hugely in price, but make sure you check all the variables that affect the price - length of access, quality of materials, tutor support, price of exams etc.

    Good luck with your research,

    Kind regards

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    Hi Claire,

    I see you are everywhere :)

    I figured out that the syllabus will point to which sections of the core books i need to study for a capability course.
    Once that figured out, everything got much clearer.

    I am doing my research on the online training to balance my budget with good material.

    And for everyone reading you can check if the training provider is accredited by checking the APMG website.

    Thanks Claire.
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