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Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of starting the CCNP however I have done abit of research and the current version of the CCNP R&S has been out for 4 years and im just worried if i start now they will start revising it the same thing they did with CCNA and then i would need to start over again.

Would you guys recommend for me to wait for the revised version or is that a long way off from happening within a year.



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    I was just about to say - is it really 4 years old?

    I did the "old" CCNP that expired in July 2010! Damn! Means I've been a CCNP for 4 years icon_neutral.gif

    I don't know if they are about to revise the CCNP, but depending on your experience and how quickly you can get it done then i'd imagine there would be a long period of time before they change it over. I mean the CCIE gets 6 month announcement. I believe it is the same with the CCNP level and CCNA level - you'll know if it comes. I'd start working towards it anyway.
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    I would just study for CCNP. Even if a change is announced tommorow, you would still have 6 months to study it.
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    Go for it, worst case scenario is you get smart and test on the next version. More likely is they announce it and you test out before the change. Don't put off your studies on account of a possible exam change.
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    Cisco has been good during the migrations between new versions for example from last version of the CCNP


    They did something similar when the CCSP migrated to the CCNP: Security.

    Along with the typical 6 month transition.

    At the end of the day though routing is routing and switching is switching, OSPF, BGP, RIP, EIGRP, Spanning-tree, FHRP's, IPv6 those technologies will be a staple for the CCNP: R/S and you can't go wrong with learning those technologies even if the exam gets updated I can't imagine them going anywhere.
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    Rumor say there will be a change soon. But the basic don't change Eigrp, OSPF, Route Redistribution, BGP, IPV6, HSRP, SVI, VLan's, STP, Etherchannel, ect will be there but much more detail. As you see they pull some CCNP material and move it down to the CCNA level. Most likely what going to happen more of the CCIE stuff will bleed into the CCNP. So go ahead and study.
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