Simple things we miss

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I spent about 45 minutes trying to troubleshoot a connectivity issue today.
Seemed really simple everything looked right but it just didn't work.

That is until I turned off windows firewall!
OK hopefully that one sticks it's like the first thing we learn lol.


  • tprice5tprice5 Member Posts: 770
    I work on 4 separate enclaves/networks at work. Pretty easy to get them mixed up and start working an issue on the wrong one. Have to make it a point to stop and think about which computer I am using and which network I am on.
    And in case you were wondering, supporting 4 networks is no fun. Oh a new version of flash was released? Let me just make 4 separate packages for that. Oh we're standing up a new site? I need firewall exemptions here.. and here.. and here ..... andddddddd here. But hey, I hear repetition is the key to memorizing anything.
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    Hi Jon

    i think there is always a temptation to looking for the more complicated first, i know i have done the same many time

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  • StaunchyStaunchy Member Posts: 180
    That is Microsoft for you. I have learned the 1st thing I always check on a host, is windows firewall on....
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