Studying Using Multiple Sources!!!!!!

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I have a question when you study from two sources should you start studying from tem at the same time or can you start on one source then a few weeks later or month later start studying from the other at the same time?

ask because I have a book now but I wasn't to study from another source as well that has videos and lab exercises to go with that particular book and they follow pretty much the same order of curriculum and objective order chapter by chapter as my first book.


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    You can use almost anything you want to study. Can be books from different authors, online resources, practice tests or since this is in A+ you can even use your computer to look at and become physically familiar with the hardware. People learn in many ways so find the one thats best for you.
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    A lot of it is personal preference and learning style. I personally always like two sources.

    If you plan to watch a structured video series I would start with that. If random youtube vids then you can watch them as you have questions.
    As for books I prefer to read one quickly. Then follow it up with a second book that I read much slower. Trying to learn the topics that didn't click right away for me.

    Good Luck
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    It really depends on solely your personal preference(s).

    Personally, I choose to use 3 resources: A book, videos and practice exams. That's how I was able to accomplish obtaining my current certifications. Flash cards are another form of studying that I would definitely consider that a legitimate form of studying as well.
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    Yea I understand of what you all are saying but I guess my question is what is the process of studying with multiple sources like, would you watch the video first, then follow up with reading, then take the practice exam in that order or a different order. Or what was your process of studying while using the multiple sources that you did so you can understand it. I know everybody has a different approach I just wanted to know everyone's personal preference on their approach that they took.

    Im asking because I am planning on using two books and and Professor Messer videos so if you can give advice on what you would do on my approach as well and what order I would appreciate it too. I do plan on taking practice exams after I studied or read the book. The book has quizzes between each chapter to test knowledge.

    Like do you watch videos and and read the book along chapter by chapter or take another approach and watch all the videos then read the book then take the practice test at the end to see how you did?
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    I watched the videos first then read wendell odoms books, then the foundation learning guide(loved this book) for my CCNA
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    So did you watch the videos chapter by chapter then followed up with the book by chapter. Or you watched all the videos then read the book all the way thru with the quizzes and then practice test at the end.
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    Basically what I'm doing is watching Professor Messer videos while going along with the objectives (highlight each one that I learn), then I use the same objectives to study the chapters that cover them in the Exam Cram book with making flash cards and notes cards on the objectives from the chapters (I keep them separated) and do the Cram Quizzes at the end of the chapters in the Exam Cram book on the CD that came with the book for the objectives that I'm learning. I also have the Exam Cram Practice Question book, but won't get into that until the very end when I review all of the objectives for the 801 exam. I also use a PowerPoint presentation to write notes from Professor Messer videos/pictures and word documents for anything important like for example, the DDR2 standards or the difference between single, dual, and triple channels and even steps for how to flash a BIOS.

    I also have a Sybex book for the A+ exam, but will be using that to get a deeper understand of what I'm taking in.

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    I'm going through the Mike Meyers, All-in-One book based on objectives, taking notes and highlighting along the way. I'll watch Professor Messer's videos along the way as well (the ones relative to what I'm learning at the time). When I'm done with a chapter I'll read the Exam Cram chapter related to what I was learning. Then I'll review my notes and create my own test to take. Creating a test, in my opinion, is just another way to reinforce what has been read, and can help with non-linear thinking in regards to what is learned. I'll also do a mind-map for the chapter; each chapter can be linked to the last mind-map so that, by the end of study, you have a crazy looking mind-map that's probably huge, but still another method of study. My philosophy is, the more diverse the study methods/techniques, the more effective the learning, as your brain is forced to absorb information from different angles.
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    Take a practice test first. This will give you an idea of what areas are your weakest so you know where to spend the most time reading and can take extra measures like taking notes and creating flash cards.
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    Hi everyone,

    Can I find any lab simulation practice questions, Since I don't have the resources to set up a lab ?
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