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Anyone know the list of commands he is referring to? It seemed like he was being vague on purpose, almost like it could be on the exam.

27 minutes into '02 | Installing and Configuring the Hyper...'


"Another thing would be to know what you can and can't do in PowerShell. That becomes a pretty key thing because there are cases where there's something you can't do in the UI; you can only do in the PowerShell...Those are fairly important to know, if you need to go to PowerShell to do a particular task and there are lots of things in Hyper-V. For example, network virtualization that you can that you can only do in PowerShell or VMM; you can't do through the UI management tools."


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    You likely wont have many questions with powershell on the exam. The videos you posted are helpful, myself and others have posted additional resources for this exam as well. Good luck!
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    The biggest thing is knowing how to spot fake powerhsell cmd. If you have a general idea on the syntax used for powershell you can generally throw out a few of the answers right away.
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