How long until or should you apply to same company?

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I graduated in December and was doing a lot of application and stuff. I had interviews but didn't really get hired... All of the reasons were because "they were looking for someone who better fit their needs"

This means I lack experience right?

Anyways, on to the main question of this thread. There was one application that I felt like I had the skill sets. So, what happened was:

There was a listing for an Engineer II position; I applied because I thought I had the skill sets from reading the job description. But I got scheduled for an Engineer I position interview. The Engineer I wasn't even listed on the company site, so I wasn't sure if it was available or it wasn't but they interviewed me anyway because I didn't have the experience for the II position. (Which was it?)

I didn't get either II or I positions, the level II position was shortly taken down and I was again given the "looking for someone who better fit their needs". So, assuming I lacked experience, I got another internship (my 2nd real one) earlier this year. Noticed that the same company now has the Engineer I position posted... should I apply again? Would the interview process be the same thing, etc?

Sorry if this was long winded


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