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Hey everyone! I'm new here and am studying for the A+ exam. I'm not currently in IT
but am very familiar with computers and networking. I'm am looking for legit practice test to go along with Professor Messer and Mike Meyers A+.

Just going off of the test in the book and online practice test, I'd say I could get about 70% of the questions on the exam correct. I just need to fill in the gaps. After the A+ I'd like to tackle the Net+ and take the CCNA at the local college.

Thanks so much for the help!! 👍👍👍


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    Practice tests are not really tools to study for a test. Ideally, it is a gauge to measure ones knowledge before study and find strengths and weaknesses, than study more on the weaker areas, retest, and schedule the exam.

    You will want a copy of the objectives to assist in your study prep. Meyers' text is one of the best, along with Sybex for both a+ and net+.

    Get some experience or lab if needed, but gain as much hands on as possible. The questions from Meyers and Sybex should be plenty to prepare for the exams you wish to take.

    Remember, the certs are a measure of ones knowledge of a subject matter, not how well the applicant has managed to memorize q&a.
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