My cheap VCP lab

JeanMJeanM Member Posts: 1,117
So it all started with a Core2Duo cpu running on a cheap $40 supermicro board and 8gb of ram. Installed my first hypervisor ESX 4.1.0 and used it for a few months for labbing. Replaced the core2duo with X3220 quad core xeon since.

Recently I picked up a couple E5440 quad core xeons on eBay dirt cheap and built another host using supermicro dual cpu board and filled it up with 24gb of ram.

Installed vCenter and added my first host, now moving my VM's from old host to new.

Haven't done vMotion yet, but hoping to give that a shot soon. I don't have shared storage yet, I do have another physical box running unRAID NFS, so maybe I can try using it?

2015 goals - ccna voice / vmware vcp.


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