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Hello Vmware guys,

Please what is the role of a vmware senior consultant? I am wondering what my job responsibilities will be as per technology know-how wise. I know i could "google" to find the "responsibilities of a vmware consultant" but im looking to see real life experience of guys here on what they do on a daily basis. Just to help me understand when i am about to jump into.

Thanks guys.


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    Has been said quite often now - job titles are meaningless a bit - it really depends on where you work. Some "consultant" jobs are onsite, some offsite, some include design / architecture and some end-to-end (design / architecture / implementation) and some even include support.

    As a "VMware" Consultant something you shouldn't have to worry as you should probably know the core products by now inside and out (at least to design and architecture level) and as a senior probably additional products such as VCD, VCAC, VCO, VCOPS, VCHS and so on (based on job specs I have read and interviewed for).

    Best bet is to actually get a job description of this role. Search linkedin - see if you can connect to current Senior VMware Consultants of company X and talk to them, see what projects they have worked on etc.
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