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Hi All

Currently i don't have any IT certifications and the a+ will be my first. I am booking my 801 exam for mid-end August and going to get the Mike Meyers book.

I have gone through the objectives and i am a bit worried as i do have a lot of experience building/upgrading and IT supports on hardware/software. One thing i just never learnt was how many pins sdram/ddr1/ddr2/ddr3 have and what irq's are for what port and all the other technical questions. What color wires are for what voltages.

I don't have experience with the older harder mainly only ddr2 and up as well as 775 and 1155. SO this is going to worry me.

I know all the hardware and how the hardware gets connected.

Due to financial circumstances my 802 i will be writing the following month and then my Net+ and ccent.

I have been studding advanced subnetting/OSI/cisco which has got me glued to the networking world for my network+/ccent.

Please any advice will be appreciated.
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    I have booked my 801 for the 30th August which will give me plenty to study every night. I bought the Sybex complete Study Guide 2nd Edition which i am going to be studding from.
    Current Certs: None Yet:(
    Want to achieve in 2014: A+, Net+
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    Don't worry about the experience factor, take the time to study the material. Also take a look at professor Messer videos which are very helpful in understanding a topic your stuck on. A+ exam deals with familiarizing yourself with Hardware and how to go about troubleshooting it. In addition it focuses on OS installation and troubleshooting, take your time and go through each objective carefully. Also do some things outside the exam, look at websites, magazine etc. This will spike up your interest level.
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