Video Series for CCIE R&S - Written

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Wow, I'm watching the video series for the CCIE R&S - Written from one of the major video training vendors. The guy refers to "A LOT" of reading on especially on the configuration guides. It is a bit frustrating since the caption on the video course says that's all you would need to view to pass the Written exam. Seems like they tried to be slick in reeling you into buying a video course just to switch it up during the video course to recommending you to a lot of reading....hmmmm!!!
B.Sc (Info. Systems), CISSP, CCNA, CCNP, Security+


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    I think on the IE level there is a lot of reading Cisco documentation to get to the depths of protocols and routing mechanisms, but hopefully the course isn't a few 5 minute videos directing you to links on Cisco's website.

    Can I ask which vendor you bought your training from? I'm fairly sure I'll be going with INE.
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    I have the INE AAP (monthly) and it's a boon. All the video series are very well detailed - has been an excellent resource for study.
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