Planning to change order from CISSP to CISA

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I'm not desire to study for cissp to attend third time as failed twice in 2011. After long time inconsistency in study and anxiety of exam not sure from where to start for cissp?. I had security+ in feb this year to get a little encouragement. Now planning to prepare for cisa exam for dec 2014 then cissp in the next year. I have 8.5 years of experience in IT security, but those two attempts made be uncomfortable to start over again..any thoughts ???


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    why CISA and not CISM?
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    To echo PappyT, the CISA is a bit different than CISSP... CISM would fall much more in line with what appears to be the patch you want to take than CISA.
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    Thanks for responding. I guess cism required manager level of experience. I'm information security analyst.
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    If you're planning to stay on a technical security career track and you want to pause on CISSP you may want to look at GSEC and the Offensive Security offerings. As for CISA - are you involved in a lot of IT related audits?
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    Agree. However lots of friends had this cissp, cisa. Even I can see lots of ppl in this forum have sec+, cissp, cisa, Etc. Sorry if I'm overwhelming. .
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    Not sure if I'm reading this right but sounds like the OP may be confusing security management with managerial duties. It's not about being a manager. What you need is the appropriate working experience in the domains the test covers. For example, if you directly deal with BCP/DR that is covered under the Incident Management domain. Again, nothing to do with being an actual manager.
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    I would fall into that category, but it's because the CISA was specifically required for a previous job (as a GLBA auditor.) re: experience, I wouldn't let that necessarily preclude you from taking the exam - you will have plenty of time to gain the necessary experience, and you may already meet more of that requirement than you think, depending on your specific work experience and history.
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    Thanks to all for valuable responses.
    Now I'm clear about cism requirements (thanks to cyberguypr).. I could think on cism now..:)
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    Good news!! I passed CISM...icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats on passing
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    Congrats Security2014 on passing CISM exam-
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    Thanks a lot! Now i'm preparing for application..Does it required to select all boxes for tasks performed?
    This is what instructions says.."In addition, this work experience must bebroad and gained in three of the four job practice areas (see reverse side of Verification of Work Experience form)."
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    No, just select the tasks that you have performed in each practice area.
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    Congrats Security2014. I see that you mentioned , you worked as Analyst. How do you apply for certification. Is there any specific experience that you could prove for 3 years of Infsec Mangement?

    Can any one please advise me on application process. I have close to 2 years experience related to CISM and rest in general Infosec and security experience with overall 11 years. How do i submit application.

    I do have CISSP.

    Suggestions please.
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    Congrats for passing
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