Unusual career advice needed

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    If you are ok with time management then programming would be your best option.
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    Good morning,

    Your situation is unique indeed, however there are now lots of companies that offer work from home and it's a trend that continues to grow. I would say the best career option you could take with a company to get some experience is support--this doesn't always mean help desk either (although it may be where you start). I've worked for companies that have had DBAs, Network Technicians, and Application Support all working from home. If security is what interests you than you should start with some certifications--maybe A+, Net+, Security+ and go from there. I'm not in the security field directly so I cannot speak for it. But I would imagine a lot of security work can be done remotely.

    On a side note--big hats off to you for wanting to better yourself despite your disability. It takes a very strong and dedicated person to want to overcome his circumstances and be successful.

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    One thing you need to distinguish is that working from home does not equal freelancing. I'm in security and due to the nature of the job (monitoring and investigations specifically), taking days off at a time (for whatever reason, obviously not any fault of your own) doesn't mesh well. All the people that work with me remotely still are on every work day expected to be working. So you're either going to need to find a position that is specifically compatible with that requirement or a company that is very understanding of your situation. If you don't already know them, research your country's disability laws and know them well in the event you do have an employer that tries to violate them so you're covered.
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