alcatel-lucent SRC certification

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The Telecommunications Company I work for uses alcatel-lucent equipment to being service to our customers. I was wondering if anyone one here has this certification ? My work stresses to anyone who wants move up to get Cisco certified but I am looking to set my-self apart from everyone else. Only one other guy I know of at my level at work is trying to get CCNA certified besides me.

Thoughts on this certification

Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program | Alcatel-Lucent
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    Get Cisco certified. I am and I rarely work on Cisco equipment. The sad fact is that that Cisco certifications are widely known and you will run into network managers who have never heard of Alcatel-Lucent, even though they practically underpin the internet and almost every mobile carrier in the US. Mostly what you learn in CCNA and CCNP will cross over to Lucent, HP, Brocade, Arista, and Dell (other brands you are likely to run into) so your time won't be wasted.
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