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How do you guys prefer to store the really important emails you get in your outlook? Because I have find a better solution, I keep the box very clean and leave just the 2-3 hyper important emails I need in there until the time comes where I no longer need them.

I have tried creating tickets in our ticketing software (AutoTask) but if there is any special formatting in the email AT strips it out and replaces it with random special characters which makes reading the text difficult.


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    I have a couple of methods depending on the topic of the email. Some I keep in folders, so that they are always available from the server. Some are in .pst files that are on a network drive that is backed up every night. Lastly, our ticketing software allows you to attach files of any type without distorting them.

    Works well, as long as you don't let it get out of hand. I see some people with several GB saved, I don't understand why, unless you were in legal/compliance area.
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    I don't waste time managing my inbox. I leave everything there and search for it if I need it later.

    The only folders and rules I have are to keep our internal distribution list chatter from going to my phone.
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    I do the same thing you do. When I'm done with an email, I put it in a folder according to its very general subject (like DIACAP or HR or Outages). I try to keep my inbox small enough so that I can see every message on the screen at once.
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