Troubleshooting question

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Here is a troubleshooting scenario :

Customer calls and saying that he is having a problem with computers on their LAN communicating with their Server. Explain how you troubleshoot this problem from network perspective ?

If you have a job interview tomorrow and you are asked the following question then what will be your answer?


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    I would start with the most obvious and easy possibilities. Do you have Internet access? Have him describe the error message. Then... If he has Internet access I would remote in and check his settings starting with the default gateway and Dns.
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    What does "Internet access" have to do with reaching a resource on the local LAN? OP, start with the basics and work your way down, basic TCP/IP troubleshooting

    1. All computers? When did this occur? (Were you able to access it earlier today? etc.)
    2. Has the Ethernet cable been checked? (plugged in etc)
    3. What is the IP address of a computer that is having issues? Does it have a valid IP?
    4. What does a traceroute look like? (We need to know where breakdown occurs) Can the computers ping their default gateway?

    If you cannot find the answer from these, then you should have a good idea where to look (i.e., Verifying Switch configuration, VLANs, Trunks etc.)
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