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When you start in a new job / department (fill in the blank) and there is this job task that is "easy" or there is "nothing too it". Yet no one seems to know how to do it or want to do it. Usually there is one guy/gal who knows it and they are a risk element for a process. Have you experienced this? Please share if you are in the mood! I've been asked to learn this, should be fun. The good thing is I love complex challenges, but remember this is "easy" and "nothing to it" ;)


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    Heh, that actually describes my entire job right now. The person who had my job before, and their manager, who my manager and I replaced, had practically zero standard processes and procedures in place for my job functions, almost no documentation, and didn't even do the job itself very well. I've basically come in and rectified all of that and fixed the mess that the position was in before.
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    I'm used to fixing large scale problems such as entire operations, so this is nothing more than a weekend to honest. I just think it's funny more than anything.
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    I'm at the stage now where I'd prefer no documentation then really bad documentation.
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