Took 70-680 today, score 681 Failed.

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I prepared this exam about 3 months. First, with 70-680 Rapid Review by Orin Thomas, next MeasureUp exam prep

Of course there was no braindump. I got 681, 19 points short. Better than the previous exam 70-685, I got 290.

The weakest for me was Accessing Resources. It should be the only one cause why I failed this time.

By this chance I could know how the real exam I'm willing to take CBT nuggets. Does it work?

Any I hope at the next time I would not fail because I knew how the real exam opereates.


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    Hi Gopas, I am also studying for 70-680 and planning to take the exam soon. You can also watch Professor Messer's free training videos, they're actually helpful. You can also try some labbing to familiarize yourself with the environment. You can use oracle virtual box, its free. And just get an evaluation copy of windows server. Just a tip from a fellow learner hope it helps!
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    I recommend the Professor Messor videos, CBT Nugget videos (a friend shared), the Don Poulton book, and the Exam Cram book. Other peoples shared notes and I incorporated them with mine. I also kept writing out on sheet of paper the things I most needed to remember so I could write in out on one of the sheets as soon as I sat down.

    Don't beat your self up about it, get a good nights sleep the night before your next try and go for the last time slot so you can have a good meal as well as review you study sheet.
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    Keep your head up. 681 is so close, you can do it.
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    I took it last Thursday and got the exact same score. I'm planning on going back and watching the Professor Messer videos that cover my three weakest areas and then taking a practice test from MeasureUp. Knowing the different question types this time around I think will be a big help.
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    The CBT nuggets are a very good additional resource to use, as would be technet.
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    Best thing to do is start over. Maybe missed some thing. Also setup your own min lab. Vmware windiws 7 and windows server. No point doing a exem if you never made a winpe iso or used imagex. Do every they do in cbt videos.
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