Which Sim to go alongside my lab?

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Thanks for all your input here, you are a very helpful online community.

So I have my lab set up which consists of everything I will need(3x 2960 2x1841 1 1721, all with wic-2t cards, all the cables blah blah everything running IOS 15 aside from the 1721).

Even with all this equipment, the test will be working with a simulator. I suppose its in my best interest to become familiar one or a couple.

Which would benefit me the most? I've only heard of GNS3 and packet tracer. Wondering how much time to invest in these vs my equipment.

Before the inevitable comment regarding how much I DIDN'T need said equipment for CCNA, everything set me back about $40.


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    If you have the equipment you don't really need a simulator. Certainly not GNS3.
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    You could think of the simulators in the exams as someone making a game based on the real operating systems. They can only do certain things specific to the individual question. For example, if you type "?" you might get a list of commands, but the only ones that actually work are the ones that you need for the question. It's not something you specifically prepare for. The one thing you could do is to use a US keyboard layout when you are practicing, if you normally use something else. The exam delivery system doesn't seem to take locale into account, at least not at my test center.
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    I forgot my answer when i saw you got it for 40 dollars, where did you get that ?
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    Work, I got all the equipment for free, just needed some serial adapters, usb hub, and memory.
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    I have lots of equipment, but when I am doing practice exams, and I want to check something, I run a quick Packet tracer. An example is "what ospf command shows neighbor status?" (i.e. DROTHER, 2-WAY, BDR, DR)
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    To answer your original question, Cisco provides examples on their website of actual test questions. This will allow you to become familiar with navigating through the sims.

    Cisco Certification Exam Tutorial - Cisco Systems
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