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Hello all,

building a CCNP Lab for use at home, got the routers(4x1841), switches(4x3560), rack(12u), terminal server(2620xm w/nm-16a), looking for any advise on possible tools to use to load initial configs, backup configs, etc to make it quicker and easier to complete labs.

I know virtual labs and rental racks include tools like that(because they advertise it), does something exist for a real lab environment?

any help would be appreciated.


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    Sure there is, but might not really be worth the effort. You can use something simple like a script to login and backup configs or something robust like rancid. You can have devices pull down initial configs via tftp. I've never found any of these things to be worth the trouble in a lab personally as things are always changing. I usually have a basic startup config with loopbacks and interface IPs then just don't save the running.
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    Cisco Works or Solarwinds. I use both at work and like both equally. I have config mgr for Solarwinds and write a script in notepad and push it out with the console of Solarwinds. Can also do backups and monitoring. Not cheap though.
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    OK, hopefully won't be a big deal. Don't want to do things the hard way if there is an easy way.

    I want actual hardware to begin with, I like playing around with the gear and want to be familiar with cabling up the equipment.

    I just saw that several of the sites offering virtual routers or rack rental talking about management tools they offered. But I don't want to be paying for anything else, so I'll give it a go without it.

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    I save them to the flash and replace the current config. Works well with the chat window in SecureCRT.
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    I keep some common stuff in text file, and then copy/paste it as needed in terminal.
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    Just an Idea for you. When I was doing my CCNA Voice, I purchased a UC520 and they have a base config stored in flash that has all the base passwords and interfaces set up for you. When you get to a point that you want to restore it, you just boot the factory restore .cfg file and your back to square one. I was using CCP to upload the text file into flash. Worth taking a look. I used it before I had Solarwinds. You can toss a couple router configs into flash and boot them whenever you want for different lab setups. I had a couple in the UC520 for Different FXO cards and dialing partitions. Once you get a little lazy then you will sell your lab and just use GNS3 because its just way easier.

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