Passed -CISSP- First time

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Passed the exam a few hours ago . I studied for about three months . 4 to 6 hrs per day and really picking the space in the last three weeks . I used the Sybex 6th edition, Conrad's 11th hour CISSP and the ISC2 seminar student handbook version 12 and presentation guide and ISC2 seminar handbook version 8 . Also listened to Shon Harris' mp3s. Very good. I skipped through the Sunflower pdf and realized I knew most of the material and set it aside . Read Conrad's book twice in the last 5 days cover to cover . Did it help . I don't know . What I can see is the ISC2 student handbook was crucial to my success.It has a laser focus on the exam . I used paid CCure quizzes, McGraw Hill, Total Tester and Transcender . Transcender questions on the technical aspect was very good. Note , no quizzes have the questions you will see on the exam . You have to know the concepts. There were some questions , I was really impressed with how they are testing your knowledge of the concept . BCP/DRP . Know it well. Very well.

The exam was pretty easy to me . I took my fist break at about 105 questions and at the 250 question to use the bathroom. I marked about 10 questions for review. Went through them and might have changed one of my selected answers. I did a second passthrough and changed about 2 answers. I was done in 2.5 hrs. I knew I had nailed it . Not very technical but heavy managerial . Know Info Sec governance very well and you will make it. On the non technical questions , look at it from a business perspective . Does the business drive IT or IT drives the business. Answer this , you are on your way .

Been in IT for 20 years , mostly doing networking and net sec . The good old days of Netware 3.12 . Whoa . time to get a drink. Merry Christmas , folks .


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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congratulations icon_thumright.gif After such a committed regimen for so many months, it must either be odd not having to do continue it today or a huge relief off your back.
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    Yes , it is a much relieve. Now I can enjoy my Christmas. Glad it is behind him .
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    Good job, your study plan over the past few months paid off with how easy it sounds the experience was for you.

    Congrats and enjoy your Christmas!
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    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your test experience!
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    Congratulations, and welcome to the club :D
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