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Will having a bankrupcy about 2 years ago keep me out of the job market?

Even if I've been in IT(software engineer/developer) for around 6+ years.


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    Sorry to say it's possible. Read this:
    All things are possible, only believe.
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    Thanks for the info. Yea I read that article and there are even some places that are looking at myspace and whatever other sites you might be posted on.....

    And I know it does have an effect because I went through like four interviews(two phone and two face to face) with this one company for an IT consultant type position. Lots of travel for a company that did work in the financial industry and stock market industry.

    I'm not sure if I had the job or not, but everybody at the company liked me and I had one more interview with the VP of the company. It was a company with around 100 people total.

    Great opportunity. Great training. But I did tell the HR resource about my bankrupcy because they were doing a background check and I know from past experience certain things don't look good if they don't know about it first.

    HR person got back to me saying they couldn't hire me because of it. I told them I'd jump in, even on a trail basis, see how I work out, i improved my credit and all that mumbo jumbo stuff, etc etc etc.

    It didn't matter i wasn't hired.

    So now I don't reveal anything up front, but I haven't gotten a job lately either.
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    I feel for you. I wish you luck in the future.
    All things are possible, only believe.
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    If there were mitigating circumstances towards the bankrupcy, I believe you can add a note to your credit report.

    Of course most mitigating circumstances themselves (such as medical, divorce, etc) would probably not help you in a job search even if it explains that you are no longer a financial risk.
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