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I just want to ask you guys on your opinion regarding server specifications.

Setup will be for a college LAN. *actually for a case study*

I've been googling some specs as well and I just want to get your inputs on this.


I'm kinda a newbie when it comes to servers forgive me :)

Thanks guys!
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    It completely depends on what you want to do with the LAN.
    1) Obviously you'll need a Domain Controller
    2) Are you going to be pushing programs to the computers on the LAN?
    3) Will you be hosting email accounts for students or just staff?
    4) How many computers will there be?
    5) Do you want any redundancies? For example if one fails do you need another to pick up it's slack?
    6) Are they going to be running SQL?

    Personally I'd go with 2-3 VM host servers and use a SAN or likewise to store the VMs. That way should more be needed they can easily be created and new hardware doesn't need to be purchased.

    Host server specs I would use something like 3x500gb drives in RAID5 (since it'd be using a SAN in my set up, doesn't really matter if they are SAS or SATA, for cost purposes I'd go SATA), probably dual Xeon E5 cpu's, 32-64gb RAM for each physical, will need minimum 2 NIC's and a fibre card to allow a connection to the fibre switch for the SAN.
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    Without roles and client count no one on here can give you accurate specs. What do you want to do a campus lan could be 10 devices or 10000. I have a feeling it is the former but you know what they say about assuming.
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    The campus LAN would cover 6 departments, about 10 devices per LAN. The server would be doing the common functions (e-mail, database, ftp, etc).
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  • philz1982philz1982 Member Posts: 978
    Ok any network functions dns dhcp ect? Printers scanners voip or soft phones?

    I like to make a list layer 1 to 7 and layout functionality. The layout server roles and then base my design on the roles and assumed draw. For example is your whole network a SSO or will each app have to hit the server? Does the printer have it's own spool or do jobs pass through the server. Basic stuff but I think you get the point.
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    Common network functions dns dhcp etc are included, plus the printers and scanners.

    Printers would not really pass the server, each department will have its own.
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