Passed MTA Networking Fundamentals

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Hey guys!

Just took MTA Networking today, 1/9/2015 and passed.

The min score was a 70 and I got an 88

I just used - Microsoft Windows Networking Essentials by Darril Gibson

Test wasn't too bad, I honestly knew I was going to pass since it's soo basic

GL to the rest though


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    Congratulations !! What's next ?
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    Thanks guys!

    Probably 70-646
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    Congrats! | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    congrats on the cert :D I think I need to try my hand at one of these MS certs some time... maybe if I go to WGU
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    Congrats to you!

    I have passed this exam too on 19.1. with 93.

    I used the book from Wiley (MS Official Academy Coursebook) from 2011 and I have to say it is outdated - I even touched a topic in the test, which isn't present in the book (and isn't in the Gibson's book too). But if someone will study from this book (or Gibson - it is a little bit better), you will be to pass the exam without problem.

    Good luck anyone studying for this exam!
  • steelodonsteelodon Member Posts: 103
    I am taking this exam. Hopefully I will do as well as everybody else.
  • DAVIS NGUYENDAVIS NGUYEN Member Posts: 1,472 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Congrats on passing!
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