SQL Server 2008 Book Recommendation

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I was wondering if anybody had a decent book for somebody that has to audit SQL Server 2008?

We are preparing for an audit for SOX compliance so all the stuff I recommended previously is finally moving forward but due to the financial auditing I realize I know almost nothing about SQL Server. I can do the stuff for Windows Server 2008 but SQL, it's all Greek to me.

I don't have to admin the SQL servers but I can't audit what I don't know how to use so I will have to crash course learning the administration side. I need to learn all the terminology for SQL like tables, DDL, DML, etc.

We are using (management bought it without input from me /mad) something called Idera SQL Compliance Manager. I can't use just the default reports it creates I need to create alerts to isolate some stuff for specific tables so I have to prioritize what is tracked to avoid creating big alert files nobody wants to look at. So there is the security aspect of SQL I need to learn.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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