Security+ Lab manual or virtual?

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Hey everyone,

I'm currently studying for my Security+. As I'm reading this study guide and looking at professor messer videos, I'd like some hands on stuff. Does anyone know of a good lab manual? Or even virtual labs to buy online? Or even just ideas to try? I'm so much better with hands on stuff. I have a lab manual, but it's from 2011. I wanted something more up to date.


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    Well the labs I did were all online. Go to Darril Gibson's site he has a practice question pack ($30 for 30 days), and it includes 6 different labs. I used only his book, and the practice questions and passed last month. Good luck with your studies
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    Check out the official CompTIA study resources site for a variety of officially-approved study materials, and sites like for free practice tests. McGraw Hill produces a few good tests too. And good luck!
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    Darril Gibson is the best guide for Security+ hands down. You don't need a lab guide/virtual lab for Security+. It is not necessary. Boson I believe has some virtual labs for Security+. They also provide practice exams for Sec+. Check them out also.
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