Even more free training!

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Folks there is so much free training out there its hard to imagine just a few years ago how much time I spent perusing books at Barnes and Noble or Borders looking at the next hot book to read.

Cybrary is 100% free, save your time and energy. Stop whining and start learning by doing!

Cybrary - Free Online IT and Cyber Security Training, Forever!


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    I remember those days (before Amazon) at B&N with their vast assortment of books.

    Seriously, you can't beat this for CPE credits alone.
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    Awesome! Thanks for another resource. Now stop telling me how to live my life. :)
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    Awesome, thanks for this. For the thousands I've spent in material it's always great to see free resources. I also like how they have nice course outlines, direction, good books listed as supplemental materials. And it's all in one spot. Already supporting them on kickstarter too.
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    That's amazing THANK YOU!
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    Awesome link thanks for the information!!
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    Cool. Had a quick glance and looks a really great resource.

    Thanks for the post. :)
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    Thanks, always great to have free resources when pushing friends and colleagues to learn new things :)
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    Started as a Kickstarter project. Been following this for sometime now and wish them all the more success with the project. At sometime these free education sites and courses should be made into a living sticky unto itself.


    Oh we used to have THE best Borders in the entire chain downtown Chicago. I would often walk down a couple of blocks from work and just geek-right-the-heck-out on the third floor. Unfortunately, now I have to browse Amazon for books which feels not only wrong but more hit and miss as I scan for technical reading "inspiration".


    Appreciate the numerous thank-yous and PMs. The reputation boost is most welcome as well if not rare for this site as of late. icon_cheers.gif

    - b/eads
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    This is just.... AWESOME
    / \
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    Anyone successfully loaded a cybrary vid within the last couple of days? Tried to watch the CISSP course for the 2nd time last night and received an error saying "Sorry, due to its security settings this video cannot be played here". A couple of members on their forums have posted about it and I left them a facebook message, hopefully this is resolved soon because this course is by far my favorite study source and wanted to use it for my last 10 days before the exam.
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    I discovered Cybrary.it from member " xXxKrisxXx " on here about a month ago. Just want to give him/her props once again. THANK YOU! It is THE BEST IT training available! I'm glad I donated, and they reached their goal. It will now be better than ever!
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