setting up a home file server securely??

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So I want to set up a home file server. Something that I can access wherever and whenever.

I want my own domain name aswell as encrypted security.

Im just going to list some things and then tell me how to do it or if its possible. I am having trouble researching it.

So NO-IP offers a service Dynamic DNS service, which you can run to access your computer behind a NAT or more specifically PAT (Port Address Translation). They also allow you to get your own domain name which is nice.

So I got this old laptop I want to use... Dual Core x86 bit, 2gb ram. Its compact. But I don't want to run Windows. Its too resource intensive. I want to attach some USB external drives to it.

(if I end up getting a NAS in the future how would I go about using NO-IP or my domain name to link them together??)

Can I use some sort of Linux for this or I read maybe Amahi, FreeNAS (which is more resource gobbling) and NAS4Free.

Then it would be nice if all files on this device were encrypted and the only way to access them from outside my house would be VPN.

Any ideas?


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    I use No-IP at home and have for a year or so its pretty great for being free. the one part that sucks is you have to log in once a month and tell them you still exist or they threaten to delete your domain.

    You could setup a VPN if you router supports that or you can run a VPN on you laptop or something. Or you could run a secure FTP on the laptop as well and just PAT a port number to the laptop.
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    an FTP Server?
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    File Transfer Protocol Server
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    Linux + Samba + VPN / SSH plus configure further security to harden further if you wish such as TCP wrappers, firewall rules for specific hosts / range of I.P address , selinux

    Job Done :)

    If your want things to run lightweight Use Linux and only run the specific services you want, Run no GUI aswell or even better go with a distro that is designed for nas devices. Such as FreeNAS.

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