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I have the Windows 10 Technical Preview and for a while now it tries to update, reboots - ffw 15 mins - fails - then restores back.. whole process takes about half an hour.

I it possible to disable updates in Windows 10?



  • ally_ukally_uk Member Posts: 1,146 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Sure proceed to uninstall Windows 10 and install a Linux distro of your choice :)

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    Haven't used Windows 10 myself but the link below may be useful?
    Microsoft's strategy to conquer the I.T industry

    " Embrace, evolve, extinguish "
  • DeathmageDeathmage Banned Posts: 2,496
    Pretty sure Windows 10 is still Windows, so I'm sure you could disable Windows Updates. People do it all the time since sometimes, as in your case, updates break stuff....

    Do this:

    1. go to 'services.msc' from search/run
    2. stop the service
    3. then right click and go to properties
    4. click on the disable option to the windows update service and press apply and OK.

    This should stop your issue until Microsoft releases stable updates. :)

    If you do updates in the future, I'd do a system restore point before you perform the updates so if it screws up something you can rollback to a previous instance of windows before the updates.

    Hope this helps. icon_biggrin.gif
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