Do you study when you go on a work trip?

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So, in the middle of my studies, a development occurred in which I need to go abroad for a week or two. My hotel is located directly on the beach. I can have a hell of a lot fun and get easily sidetracked. What strategy do you use for your studies when you go abroad?
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    Unless you have an exam date already scheduled, I say take a break and enjoy yourself. There will always be certifications to get.
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    Prime example of a working vacation! enjoy it, get a tan, see some sites, eat some food!
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    Audiobook if possible! If you are on a plane or if you are driving, you can just listen to training but not have to stare into a book for hours on end and still enjoy the sites. Could always just use flashcards instead of lugging books around with you. Smartphone apps for certifications could also be useful depending on the cert you are working on. Just enjoy the trip. If you are on the beach tanning, just plug in your headphones and lay and listen to audio training! Knock out 2 birds with 1 stone.
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    E Double U wrote: »
    Unless you have an exam date already scheduled, I say take a break and enjoy yourself. There will always be certifications to get.

    My thoughts exactly. Enjoy the beach. The certs will still be there when you get back.
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    I'm good with studying on the plane (unless you travel with a 2yo like I do), otherwise, work pays you for the time you're in the office. Outside of that, enjoy the beach.
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    I'd make priority to enjoy trip and relax as much as possible.
    not sure what you studying, but if there is a small section you need to study, take those 5 to 10 pages and get it done when on plane or waiting at airport. Above that enjoy and relax as much as possible.
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    I had to go to Monterey and SFO recently for a work conference. Debated maybe for 30 seconds if I wanted to do WGU work on my downtime or do some touristy stuff. Guess which one won. Life is short. Enjoy.
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    I try to stud when I'm away for work, but my mind is never focused. I'm always excited to be in a hotel and ordering food and seeing the town.
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