Security plus Cert for 1 year....with helpdesk experience

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I got my sec plus just a year ago April 2014. I've done Call center for over 4 and half years(two different companies) and I am now doing desktop support. I am learning alot but there is more. I am ready to start a new cert but I am not sure what to get next? Everyone says Cisco but that doenst interest me. Im looking into VMWARE, Cloud, Mobile security. Please Help. I need ideas


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    Well it really depends on what you want to do. It doesn't really sound like you want go into networking, but system administration instead. Now depending if you want to work with depends your next step. You go for MCSA if you want to do windows, or RHCSA if you want to do more linux or you could even specialize more and do the vmware like you want. But most of the entry level certs require you to take some sort of class to take the cert. You can go the CWNA route if you want to work more with wireless devices. I don't know much about cloud certs though only one I've personally heard is Cloud+.
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    Would probably be a good idea to get your MCSA as a baseline and add VMware / Cloud / Mobile security certs on top of that.
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    You really need to check where you wanna move... if you like Virtualization then like the Trashman said, MS + VM are good options.
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    I think it depends a little on your area as well. I'm aiming for the Linux side of System Administration in the DC area and I see a ton of postings wanting cloud experience, specifically AWS.
    Amazon has a budding certification program; might want to include AWS certs in your consideration.
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    Thank you for your input. I kind of feel as though VMWARE and Cloud are the newer things everyone is getting into to. As far as mobile security I wouldnt mind that also. A field within mobile security do you have an idea what certs or classes can be taken that specifically?
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    I dont hear to many people talk about Linux but I am kind of familiar with it. Yea I do see that Cloud is up and coming and I guess I was thinking about that also. My problem is that i havent had job experience in anything other then helpdesk and desktop support. Im 24 and I think I can get ceritified to set up for something good.
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    Im going to look into that. I was kinda of already leaning towards MS and VM. Thank you. I guess I have to find a class
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    Yea im not up for the networking thing but my boy told me to look into CCNA: Wireless. Yea i know of the Cloud+ but i dont know ppl who took it. I know it sound like I dont know but Mobile security sounds good to me.
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