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Hi there,

CISSP exam is by ISC2 and CISM is by ISACA.

Imaging you are being asked by the CEO to justify the business need to take the exam and your current role is a security officer.
I plan to upgrade myself.

Thank you.


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    You can find alot in google ,Bellow link is think describe it clearly :
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    CISSP is for Security Managers, Info Assurance Managers, and Senior guys doing security operations (your Seniors and Leads in a SOC).

    CISM is for CISO, Enterprise Sec Program Mgr, and CIO.

    Both are manager level certs, the CISSP is for managing security operations, while CISM is more on the risk management, compliance, and ROSI/business end of things. A non-technical executive may benefit from CISM while the CISSP is more for security pros heading toward management roles.
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