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OCG claims that PAgP will dynamically modify all members of an etherchannel if one member is modified. The example the OCG uses is that if VLAN, speed or duplex is changed for a port, PAgP configures that change for all ports in the bundle.

I found this to be incorrect for a two port FastEthernet bundle on the 2950 switch.

Fa0/11 - 12 were both set to auto for speed/duplex.

I hardcoded Fa0/11 to 10 and got this immediately and after waiting awhile.

Fa0/11 notconnect trunk a-full 10 10/100BaseTX
Fa0/12 connected trunk a-full a-100 10/100BaseTX

Error in OCG or fluke due to my model 2950? I'm curious for your comments/experiences.


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    Etherchannel configs have always been funny. They seem to differ depending on the model and/or IOS version.

    I.e. on the new 3850X models you can put the config on the portchannel interface but on the older 3550 you had to put it on the physical interfaces.

    In a real world the most common/safe thing to do is put the config on all the interfaces to make sure it's really applied.
  • smcclenaghansmcclenaghan Member Posts: 139
    Agreed, and thanks.

    MY last run-in with the CCNP Switching exam has me walking on eggshells around fiddly facts like this.

    I appreciate the insight.
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