SSCP Exam Outline Focus areas and types of Questions

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"meant to post this in General Certification".........

Hi All,

Hoping to get some input on taking the SSCP. I have midstream decided to forgo taking the CompTia Sec+ in favor of the ISC(2) SSCP to be more in line hopefully with an advancement in my current job. I say this meaning I currently work in Security Administration ala Client Access Management. But my desire is to do threat monitoring, detection, analysis etc. Through various posts I have decided that although the Sec+ and SSCP are considered in line with each other the SSCP technically is a little more specific.
What I would like some input on is what are the best study materials and books for SSCP and how is the test broken down. Is it mostly multiple choice and/or sims etc.
Any and all advice and help in getting ready for the SSCP is greatly appreciated. Hope as well it's not a mistake to hopskip the Sec+????



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    I am not sure why anyone would have say the SY0-401 is somehow less technical than the SSCP. The SSCP was only recently updated in the last 45 days or so. The SY0-401 is a much more robust exam filled with a variant of questions and simulations that differ from that of the SSCP(prior to April 2015).

    IMHO, the only reason to pursue the SSCP is either your employer told you to and they're willing to reimburse you for it, or you have a voucher for it.

    The main reason why SY0-401 is so highly sought out is because it's more readily accessible and the materials are plenty and many of the Fortune 1000 companies have endorsed it.

    Although, this is just IMHO. But, I could be wrong...
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    I've completed both exams & they are rather similiar. Security+ is a little more robust and "generalist" than SSCP. On the SSCP side, it gets more granular on certain topics.

    I am not American, but my understanding is Security+ is desired by certain US government departments?

    If you can do one, you can easily do both assuming you have the cash to pay for the Security+ exam. It certainly can't hurt you.
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    I think Security+ is just the easiest way to get the DOD 8570:

    DoD Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications
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