will be taking both 801 and 802 in about a week and a half

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I am currently in the air force studying for my job and have come to the point in training where we have to take both 801 and 802 in about a week and a half. A little about me, I have little prior computer experience and have no other certifications.We just started our 2 week a+ boot camp course. I was wondering what areas I should focus on the most. If anyone can give some advice or tips I appreciate it. Thanks alot and have a great day.


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    Hello there. Would love to tell you to study more if this topic or more of that topic, but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. The exam is setup where you are asked questions from just about every topic listed on the objectives. That should be your guide as to what to study. It's so broad, that you can be asked just about anything. This may not help you much, but just going by my experience. Good luck on the exams.
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    Techie19 is right....it's hard to focus on just one area. There is nothing that is more emphasised then the other.
    I know that it means spending more money, but CertMaster really helped me in the final days prior to testing. My analogy would be that CertMaster is the honing of a blade not the actual sharpening.
    Basically it's a great resource, but I wouldn't tell anyone to rely on it alone. Since you have gone through a cram class it will help you narrow down what you do know and what you don't. The structure of it won't let you move forward to more questions until you have understood the questions they give you first.
    If you don't want to spend money, then I would print out the objectives from CompTIA, go through them, and study anything that you can't explain in simple terms. You could also watch Professor Messer on 2X speed on YouTube to cram.

    Best of luck to you.
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