What all in one do you guys use at home?

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Looking for a separate all in one. Something different from the one my ISP gave me. Probably just going to double bridge so I can have a separate private network for my workstation/server. Any recommendations?


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    Looking for a separate all in one. Something different from the one my ISP gave me. Probably just going to double bridge so I can have a separate private network for my workstation/server. Any recommendations?

    All in one what?
  • systemstechsystemstech Member Posts: 120
    TheFORCE wrote: »
    All in one what?

    Like what your ISP gives you. Switch/router/firewall/gateway/WAP, or "all in one" device.
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    I use all my own stuff.
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    Use all my own stuff. Parents were given an all-in-one DSL modem/wireless router. Couldn't disable the wireless, but could unscrew the antenna and plug my own wireless router into one of the lan ports.
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    I think SonicWall is a good all in one for the house
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    My all in one is a Epson Workforce 435. It can print, copy, scan, and fax. icon_lol.gif

    If your talking about the equipment between your computer and ISP, I wouldn't recommend all in one. Modem's are usually horrible routers.
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    I used a Cisco modem into a Sonicwall, fast and secure.
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    Motorola/Arris modem, Dlink WAP/router, Zyxel gig switch.
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    I personally recommend getting your own equipment over renting from the ISP any time. Keep in mind now with higher speeds out there you should check your ISP's website to see what modems support what speeds on their network. If you're going to get your own equipment anyway, there's no need to keep paying the fee for the ISP's.

    When it comes to what equipment to use I'd suggest not using an all-in-one system. ISP's use them because it's cheaper/easier for them and they can rent it out easier. For your modem (Cable/DSL/Whatever) check the ISP's website and find one that supports the speed of your plan. You want a stand alone cable modem so that it's easier to upgrade your modem/router/etc as needed. For routers I've always used Linksys for the $, but I've been looking more recently at the Night Hawks for the features. The other option is Linksys now offers their routers in a dd-wrt version for $50 more. (Yes, they charge an extra $50 for the same device preloaded with open source firmware...) If you want the ability to do everything, check out the dd-wrt site (www.dd-wrt.com | Unleash Your Router) and find a router for cheap that will support the installation of the firmware. You get all of the features for less than most.

    For heavy wireless applications of course you'll look at the newest hardware, something in the AC multi-antenna variety.
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    @Joel and anyone else using Motorola/Arris modems. Run a ping scan on your /16 and find the IP addresses (multiple addresses) for the modem, look up the default creds (admin, password on mine), and change the logins.
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    Blackberet, mine's a cable modem only (SB6141), not a router, so there's no credentials or configurations to change.
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    From ISP is nothing as I dont like the comcast all in one devices.
    I use my own DOCSIS 3 supported modem.

    However one device I use for multiple functions is my Fortinet 90D. I use it for my firewall, VPN concentrator, and DHCP server.
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    Joel, I have the cable modem only, SB6183, and it's running two small services with their own IP addresses. You'd be surprised what's on it, that's why I mentioned it, no one seems to know. Check and I forget the other off hand. One is a management interface and the other is a diagnostic interface. It's not listed anywhere in the documentation. I found out about them when I called Motorola's tech support and they walked me through diagnosing line signal strength with it. You can log in to the modem and adjust a lot.
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    The one I have assigned the block to itself off of my router, along with 1 IP address in the
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    Blackberet, I know, i was looking at the management page while I said that. No credentials or configuration on this modem. There's signal strength info and model info, taht's about it.
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    TheFORCE wrote: »
    All in one what?

    You know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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