Rnewing CCNA R&S by doing one CCNP Exam?

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Hey guys
Checked out
CCNP Routing and Switching - IT Certifications and Career Paths - Cisco Systems

But it does not mention anything about how many exams you need to do to renew your CCNA R&S

I've been told this is the case that you only need to do one CCNP Exam either 300-101 300-115 or 300-135

Is that right? If so Ill study for the switching one first


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    That is correct.

    I am also doing Switch first as I deal with switching alot and already know alot of the material. I want the Route content fresh in my mind when I do TShoot last as I don't get to do as much routing as I'd like in my position.
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    My CCNA was renewed after each (CCNP) exam I passed.
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