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Took my exam about an hour ago and scored 80%. Overall the exam wasn't bad. If you study and prepare for it, shouldn't be a problem. Prep exam materials -The ITIL foundation essentials(The exam facts you need) by claire Agutter and ITIL video from pluralsight. So excited because this is my first certification since i decided to make a transition to IT about two months. surprisingly i didn't find the material to be that dry like so many others have said. Question for the experienced ITIL professionals. What career related path is there if someone interested in pursuing the intermediate, expert and masters certifications. ?


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    Congrats on the pass! Would you say it's possible with just Claire's book? I'm finished the book and compiled some notes that I'm going to review again. I'm kind of tight on $ at the current moment so buying video subscription wouldn't be a feasible option. Hope to hear from ya.

    Once again, congrats!
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    Thanks guys. @Justin. Yeah the book is detailed enough for you to pass. I already finished reading the book before watching the videos. The videos though definitely helped me remember some of the informations when i took the exam. You can do free trial and cancel before the subscription payment kicks in. So you dont have to pay.
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    Congratulations lumenite, I'm pleased my book was helpful icon_smile.gif

    There are many roles that require more advanced level ITIL certifications, try searching 'ITIL' on your local job forums and you'll see a whole range of them come up. If you're new to IT you'll be building useful experience all the time and hopefully you'll start to see roles that are of interest to you so you can plan your training for the future.

    Kind regards

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    Congrats lumenite! icon_thumright.gif Careers could be lead tech/desktop support, field services manager, asset manager, etc. You name it - learning ITIL/ITSM principles builds good fundamentals to maximize ROI by KPI without even knowing it! | ProHacker.Co(nsultant) | ITaaS.Co(nstultant) | | @fuz1on
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    If you are new to IT your training will be helpful for future.
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